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Upgrade ignition coils

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Hi folks! Getting to be that time for new plugs on my 2011 Ram 1500. My truck has 99,500 miles as of today and since the plugs are being changed soon, I want to put a new set of coils on as well- just in case the oem"s are getting tired. I'm the type of person that if I'm going to fix/change something.....put a better replacement in its place. So...my question is.....fresh set of OEM ignition coils or go for RIPP or MSD's? Getting mixed reviews on MSDs so I'm leaning towards a set of RIPP coils. Truck is a daily driver.....cold air intake and exhaust only but still- if needed....I want it to not hesitate to get up and go!(which it does now). Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone
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They don't really get tired, just run to fail. Replace with OEM. The new Demon 170 can make over 1000 hp........on stock coils.
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After 06 the OEM coils are hard to beat, MSD, are fine for alum valve cover 5.7s, not worth the extra coin for 95% of the daily crowd. I’ve seen the OEM dual coils hit 300k miles and be within 99% of spec output voltage.

our 2015 drag pack clone, made roughly 1250hp with oem coils , made roughly 1250 with ripp coils., made 1190 with accel no roughly about that one , msd, had a better average power, but not enough to warrant the cost.
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