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Which year/generation of 1500 truck is your favorite??

  • 3rd

    Votes: 5 100.0%
  • 4th

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  • 5th

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  • 1st gen swapped

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  • 2nd gen swapped

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  • If it has a Hemi i good with it.

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  • I hate polls..

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Ram 1500 5.7 Quad Cab
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Hi, Whats good around here?

Any racers out there from Southeast NC?

Just got my 2nd Dodge..

1500 5.7. ,06 model (1st year of the MDS)

They are great trucks!

First one was an 04 and always ran great. Owned since new and drove it for 10 yrs.

I'd love to hear about any tips and tricks on these never really had to do anything to mine. Pretty sure this one was rode hard up to 200k and put up wet but then somebody put a bunch of work into it and replaced a bunch of good stuff. Now I know I need a new tie rod end cuz the thing is overtired for the stock suspension parts. 33" mudders... need some HT or all all season if anyone has a tire theyve had good luck with. Want to go a little bigger than stock on the 20-in rims but I'm thinking smaller than the 33s. Maybe 285 65/20 or something around that size. Please let me know what brands and sizes you've had the best luck with for normal street driving with possible ice here and there and occasionally a little bit of dirt roading but nothing extreme..

I'm thinking I needed to look at my PCV valve too now bc That's how I found the forum I got the weird yellow pudding in my oil cap and it freaked me out... its been like 5 degrees out so.. thats hopefully it.

Nice to meet you all and glad to find this cool spot!


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