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Shorter Valve Seals?

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has anyone milled down their valve guides in order to install shorter seals? if so, how much did you cut down the guides and which seals did you end up using? any input is appreciated 馃憤馃徎
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I鈥檝e been using cam motion kit vsk915326,

for eagle&6.4 there鈥檚 room up to 625 lift, over that lift,mill the guides another .060 to .080 and you鈥檙e good

pre-eagle, 6.1 top out around .580&.600 respectively, what ever you lift above those # + . 04 for safety.. .623 lift 6.1s would be a min . .065 to start.

reality is .100 is the safe bet.

comp cams positive stop seals for 09+ are also good, again mill roughly.10 off the top to start

I dropped my heads off at the shop on Monday and told them to knock .100 off the guides, glad to get confirmation on it though. the seals I am going with are the comp cams p/n 516, do you have any suggestions on spring locators? ideally I would like to find a set that are .040 thick so I could use my existing shims.
Anything .660 to .720 Id will work, there鈥檚 a few out there as thin as .045, . Try Ferrea there $3.40ish a piece

I checked out the ferrea locators, aren't they too big for the guide diameter?
Anything .660 to .720 Id will work, there鈥檚 a few out there as thin as .045, . Try Ferrea there $3.40ish a piece

I picked up a set and the photo on the website was definitely a misrepresentation, I didn't know they were the top hat style seal/locator. now I have two sets because they're exactly what I had on my motor already. I emailed comp cams to see if they have anything that will work, my springs are 1.310" OD and .890" ID with the standard .525" guide diameter, and (locator plus shim) I need .060" under the exhaust spring and .100" under the intake. they've got a few that are very close, I'm hoping they get back to me soon.
well, rather than trying to chase down parts I decided to just go with the Cam Motion .660" kit instead, 350 bucks and it comes with everything. Cam Motion kit
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