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Selling my 2003

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Thinking about selling my 2003 1/2-ton 4x4 Hemi truck to fund my charger restoration. It has 25,000 miles and is pretty close to brand new condition. I have company vehicles and only tend to drive this truck on weekends. What should I price this truck at it has age but is like new?
I ordered it with everything heavy duty as I could short of turning it into a 3/4 ton. Skid plates sure grip rear end.
Any advice would be apricated.
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I'll give you ten bucks.....LOL , depending on what your time frame is for selling, 20K is not out of the current ballpark for that mileage, RCLB 4x4 can hurt the " length" you have to wait to sell that truck, depending on region of the country, Northeast Snow country boys will snap that up @ 12-15k , I'd think the same would hold true for the High plans Rancher types,OKC, Co ,Wy Texas .,the more urban the area the slower the sale for that truck at what's worth.....I myself would not think about anything less then 18k with that mileage, with 50-70k Mileage it's a 12k truck anywhere in the lower 48,70-110k miles it's10k, so at 25kMiles, it's a $18k min truck.........being an 03 , that might add some time to find a buyer......but like I said if you have some time to "sit on it" $18k is not unreasonable.

Sold a 44k mile 2002 5.9(gas) 4x2 RCLB this morning, asking was 12k(body has some Northeast issues) took 8.5k and a 03 hemi RCSB , that needs an engine for trade, I gave him a value of $2500 for the 03, so in my eyes it puts me around 11k for this 02.

Hope that helps......where are you located at ?
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