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Selling my 2003

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Thinking about selling my 2003 1/2-ton 4x4 Hemi truck to fund my charger restoration. It has 25,000 miles and is pretty close to brand new condition. I have company vehicles and only tend to drive this truck on weekends. What should I price this truck at it has age but is like new?
I ordered it with everything heavy duty as I could short of turning it into a 3/4 ton. Skid plates sure grip rear end.
Any advice would be apricated.
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I do feel you can get good money out of it. HOWEVER what are you going to do if you need a truck on down the road? Let's say you do get 20k for it. Can you get as nice a truck for 20k as what you have now? I doubt it. I have been buying and selling for years . I would list it local and see what happens if that is the route you chose. But if it were mine, it would STILL be mine. I have a 79 Chevy I bought many years ago and the only reason I have even thought about leting it go is because I am retiring and just will not need it anymore and it only has 32k on it. Because it was a toy for me most of the time.
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