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Hello there! thanks for your time.
Sorry for jumping into the subject but I really need to find a mechanic in north colorado.

My 2014 Hemi 5.7 has the "Tick" Yes, I'm 100% sure. I had the exhaust manifold noise 1 year ago, after replacing the bad bolts, the manifold and the gasket it was gone. but a year latter. I got the real hemi tick.

Now. I want to install the MDS elimination kit, BUT, since I can get some aftermarket camshaft for a little more, I wanted to do that upgrade, BUT, I can't find any mechanic willing to do that. I barely found one great guy that is willing to do the replace but with the stock camshaft since his "knowledge" is not enough to tune the performance camshaft.

I was looking at the AMSRacing kits: Stage 2 Performance MDS Delete Kit for 2009-2020 Jeep 5.7L Hemi
(they also have the stock camshaft)

Any tips? recommendations?

It been in my garage for almost 2 months now (the only mechanic willing to the the job for the stock camshaft is booked until January)


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Welcome to HTC!
Unfortunately your to date from me in Florida or I would be your go to for that setup. In Colorado I honestly have no idea where you could take it sorry!
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