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My truck is a regular cab short bed 2wd 2005. It only weighs about 200lbs more than a Challenger and I’ve noticed the rear suspension is much stiffer than the front.

I don’t really tow or haul anything and I am going to lower the truck soon.

The firm ride I don’t really care about, but the heavy rear springs make the truck oversteer badly, especially on bumps like the seams in concrete roads or pot holes. It becomes especially unpredictable in the rain or at interstate speeds.

It’s a 3 leaf pack with a separate overload spring on the bottom that the rest of the pack contacts more and more as the suspension compresses.
Has anyone removed either the bottom leaf or the overload spring with good results?
I have also considered adding a rear sway bar later on which would make the oversteer even worse without softening the rear suspension.
It seems to be the springs and not the shocks. I want this thing to handle well. (and safer)
Thanks for any advice!
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