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New here, not new to Hemi or Chrysler for that matter

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I found this forum as I'm searching for answers on trying to decide which parts to use on my truck.
I have been a heavy line tech for several decades at this point. Main engine guy at Chrysler dealership from 2006 till 2022. So, I've got a bit of experience with fixing the stock stuff.
My truck, I bought new in 2007, 1500 quad, 5.7, 4wd, big horn trim. First thing I did was debadge. Since then it has just over 100k, leveled, 2 inch hubcentric wheel spacers and fox 2.0 shocks to level the front (should have stuck with the Bilstein 5100's) and a set of Nitto trail grapplers 295/65R20 on the stock wheels.
I managed to get a good core 6.4L (BGE block) from a SRT Grand Cherokee. Building that up, stock crank, rods, pistons. I have the heads done, and a cam for it.
I still need plenty, timing cover and accesories, figure out which transmission and transfer case to use.


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