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1935-1941, the 1935s were modified sedans ....36 was the 1st year for purpose built Pick ups,
did you know in 1935 Plymouth out sold Chrysler/Desoto/Dodge combined, they stopped full size trucks during WW2 (along with every other civilian offering) , in 46 Marketing felt that the Dodge name plate would have better post war sales, they felt returning GI's would identify with the Dodge plate more over the Plymouth plate, and corporate was pushing the Plymouth plate to be more Middle class, less" rural"
The Trailduster (74-80) we next for the Plymouth name, last "trucks" were the 79-82 Mini's, then out with a whimper with the 83 Scamp(rampage)

Never seen a 74 Trailduster, but I have seen an 81 hardtop new at Lansdale Chrysler Plymouth...had a thing for them for a while , great plow "truck"
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