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Hi guys, I'm new here, and this is my first Hemi. I've had a few 5.9's in the past, but now I have a 2008 Ram 1500 4x4 with the 5.7L. It has under 100k on it, and has a few modest upgrades such as a K&N intake and aftermarket exhaust put on by the previous owner. Exhaust is still single pipe, but does not sound or look stock, but I have no other details. Anyhow, I am hearing a ticking that is getting worse, and I'm assuming from searching the internet it's a lifter problem. I plan on taking it to a Dodge dealership to confirm, so I can go after the dealership I bought it from (long story).

I am leaning towards replacing the lifters and possibly the camshaft myself. I have experience in auto repair, but not in upgrades. It seems like a quagmire that I can get myself in to easily. This truck is my daily driver for right now, and I also tow a 6500 lb camper with it. Daily driving I am averaging about 12.5-13 mpg, and with the camper am only around 7.5-7.6 mpg. I calculate every tank (it's saved me a lot of headache in the past catching problems early. When towing I seem to downshift a lot, and run about 3000 rpm on the highway to maintain 65-72 mph. Normal driving it seems to hold back a little too, and I feel like there is also poser missing.

I am not looking at completely building this truck, but would like more power and better fuel economy (especially when towing). Does anyone have suggestions on an aftermarket cam? If I replace with OEM parts should I improve my fuel economy and power to an acceptable level? If I go with a more aggressive cam, what other mods should I make or will i need to make?

Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated!
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