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Howdy all! I'm still alive and well in southern Arizona, and my Moose has become a work truck. The old homestead:
Cloud Sky Plant Land vehicle Vehicle

Since I was last here, my Border Collie passed away and I have acquired my fourth one who is now three weeks old. Meet Jake:
Cat Felidae Carnivore Dog breed Mammal

As some of you know, I acquired a Challenger R/T Shaker back in 2014, and I've finally gotten it to pretty much where I want it to be. It's now a boosted 392 stroker. You've all got me thinking about the Hot Springs GTG, and if I decide to go, that's how I'll get there. Here's how it looks now.
Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Window

Well, that's enough blathering, so I'll mosey along, and try to stop by a little more often...
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