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So I was at work yesterday, and though I was actually having a pretty good work day, I couldn't help but fantasize that winning Publisher's Clearing House would be easier. I enter often and have won 3 checks from them: $5.00, $10, $6.......but hey, a win is a win. But can one really win big? I checked it out!!.
People Really Do Win Prizes From PCH Sweepstakes
The good news is that Publishers Clearing House's sweepstakes really are legitimate. The bad news is that it is extremely hard to win their mega prizes.
PCH runs a variety of big creative presentation sweepstakes that give away millions of dollars every year. Those prizes are fairly awarded as advertised. But the PCH giveaways are so famous and so many people enter them that the odds of winning are exceptionally long—about 2.4 billion to one to win the SuperPrize.
Your odds of winning a Powerball jackpot are better. You're also significantly more likely to die in an asteroid strike, become a movie star, or be drafted by the NBA.

You might enjoy taking that chance — after all, it costs you nothing and the sliver of a chance of hitting a jackpot might be worth the short time it takes to fill out the entry form — but the best sweepstakes to enter are usually the ones that are not as well-known.

So if I ever do win "the big one" the next rally is on me!!!

🎂 Happy Birthday to our HTC members celebrating their birthdays this week November 14-20th!! Have a great day!!

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It's great to have you on board!!

😊 Rolling Thunder - Nathan - is trying to plan a GTG in the Florida area. Read is thread to give your input.

If you have a prayer request please PM me or add it to this thread.

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Have a great week!!

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