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🐇 Easter is April 4, 2012!! Here's your Easter Trivia to impress the family while you are sitting at the dinner table:
  • Easter and Halloween are the top-selling candy holidays.
  • Every year, Easter comes between March 22 and April 25.
  • Easter is called “Movable Feast” because every year the event’s dates change with phases of the moon.
  • Easter was named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess who was then known as “Eastre”.
  • The symbol of the Anglo-Saxon goddess was Eggs and Hare (Rabbit).
  • Over 90 million chocolate bunnies manufacturing takes place for Easter.
  • New York organizes the most popular Easter parade every year.
  • Easter eggs were colored Red in the memory of bloodshed during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
  • The first largest chocolate Easter egg was made in Italy.
  • On Easter, the main dish at Jewish Passover is Roast Lamb.
  • On Easter, the main dish in the USA is Ham, Chicken, and Lamb.
  • Approximately, 16 million Jelly beans consumption has been recorded yearly in America on Easter.
🎂 Happy birthday to our HTCer's celebrating another year of being older and wiser March 28th - April 3rd!! Have a fun day!

😊 Welcome to our newest members:
AFDan52 - Dan is the proud owner ofa 2006 4x4 short bed.
ABags86- His proud of his '05 Rumble Bee.
Thank you for joining our HTC Family!! We're glad you're here.

😎 Rocketman - Bill - has started a post "Remember when". It's been a fun post to follow. Check it out so you can "Remember when".

🍀 Try your luck at being "Truck of the Month"!! Post a picture and a write up of your ride between the 1st-21st then we vote the 22nd-months end. After the voting the winner will be messaged for email info. The email is for the digital TOTM award. Printing and shipping them was getting pricey and time consuming. The awards will be printable on your end and then you can frame them. Thanks to Keith (charged392) for heading this up!

If you have a prayer request you would like to share either add it to this thread or PM me.

*HemiSuperbee - Mark - health concerns

*Rancher - Doug general health

*Doc's mother -
*boedacres - Steve - health issues including diabetes

*SuperBee - John & his wife - health issues

*Those affected and impacted by the Covid 19 virus both physically and financially!

Happy Spring!! Have a great week!
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