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⛄ Happy January!!!
January is named after Janus- the god with two faces, one looking onwards and the other one backwards.
Janus was the Roman god of doors, choices, beginnings and endings. The first month of the year is called January after him. He is usually depicted with two faces, one on each side of the head. He was one of the earliest gods of Rome, sometimes referred to as the “god of gods” or diuom deo.
He is often shown with beards on both faces, but originally, Janus was depicted with one bearded face and another one clean-shaven, which may have symbolized the moon and the sun, or age and youth. Occasionally he was depicted as four-faced – as the spirit of the four-way arch.
He looks both towards the future and the past at the same time. One face looks back to the year departed, and one looks forward to the new year ahead.
Janus was a porter of heaven and a guardian god of gates and doors. He was the Roman God of Beginnings and his name was an obvious choice for the first month of the year.

🎂 Happy Birthday to our HTC members celebrating their birthdays this week January 2-8!! Have a great day!!

If you have a prayer request please PM me or add it to this thread.

*Doc's mother - on-going health issues
*Rancher & Rancher's Lady (Doug and Mary) - health issues
*boedacres - Steve - health issues including diabetes
*SuperBee - John & his wife - health issues
*Studmuffin - Morris took a nasty fall on breaking his nose requiring stitches to his nose and inside of his mouth
*Traveling mercies for those on the road this holiday season

Have a great week and a safe & prosperous New Year!!

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