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This could be my favorite kookie day!!!! Not really.....we all know it's May 24th National Tiara Day......but hey this is a great day!!
Fun Holiday – Eat an Extra Dessert Day
September 4 is Eat an Extra Dessert Day, a day that encourages people to treat their sweet tooth with a second (or well, even a third) helping of dessert.
It is unclear who created this awesome but unofficial holiday, but we think that whoever it was, deserves a big slice of cake after a huge bowl of ice cream!
Desserts are usually a sweet course served after the end of a meal. While in the past typically this meal took place at the end of the day, in modern times desserts can accompany a mid-day meal as well. Desserts are also known as sweets in many parts of the world.
This sweet holiday is also called National Eat an Extra Dessert Day in the in the United States.
How to Celebrate
  • Guiltlessly indulge yourself in a little extra dessert on this day and inform everyone you know about this happy holiday. We are convinced that it will soon become everyone's favorite made-up holiday!
  • Spend some time in the kitchen whipping up some delicious desserts to share with your friends, family and co-workers.
  • Have a dessert party! Ask guests to bring their favorite dessert to share and spend the evening enjoying the desserts. Make sure you are all equipped with healthy food for the sugar crash afterwards!
Did You Know…
…that the word dessert comes from the French word desservir, which means to clear the table?

🎂 Happy Birthday to our HTC family with birthdays this week August 29th - September 4th!! Have a great day!!

(y)Welcome to our newest HTC member - MonicaHans. It great to have you as part of our hemi family!!

📸 Rocketman - Bill - has started a post "Remember when". It's been a fun post to follow. Check it out so you can "Remember when".

🍀 Try your luck at being "Truck of the Month"!! Post a picture and a write up of your ride between the 1st-21st then we vote the 22nd. After the voting the winner will be messaged for email info. The email is for the digital TOTM award. Printing and shipping them was getting pricey and time consuming. The awards will be printable on your end and then you can frame them. Thanks to Keith (charged392) for heading this up!

If you have a prayer request you would like to share either add it to this thread or PM me.

*Rancher - Doug general health

*Doc's mother -
*boedacres - Steve - health issues including diabetes

*SuperBee - John & his wife - health issues
*Those affected by the resurgence of COVID
*Those in the path of Hurricane Ida

Have a great week!!

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