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Along with the tornadoes we discussed last week comes rounds of hail!!
We don't like our babies to be in hail storms!! But if they are here are some tips:
What Type Of Repair Do You Need: Depending On A Variety Of Damage
All hail damage is not created equal. Sometimes, the damage can be more or less severe depending on the intensity, size, and duration of the hailstorm itself. Auto hail damage repair cost will also vary based on how badly your vehicle’s been hit by a hailstorm.
Even if the damage does not appear to be that bad at first glance, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more than meets the eye.
It’s extremely important to have a repair specialist inspect your car if it has been damaged by hail—there could be some seemingly insignificant damage that could create a bigger problem if not repaired properly.

Let’s go over the different types of hail damage that could happen to your car:
  • Dents: Just as all hail is not created equal, the resulting dents would also vary in size, shape, and depth. This means you’ll be seeing all kinds of unsightly damage all over the hood, roof, and side panels of your car.
  • Paint damage: If anything strikes your car with force—definitely including hail—it may bounce off, taking with it some paint and causing scrapes and blemishes on the surface. The big problem with paint damage is the fact that, over time, the damage could grow worse, resulting in the rusting of your car’s surface.
  • Glass cracks, chips, and breaks: If the hailstorm is bad enough, which does happen, the hail could cause severe damage to your vehicle’s glass. The resulting glass damage could then lead to water damage, as rainwater could start seeping into the interior of your vehicle—not good!
Left unrepaired for a long period of time, these series of damage will decrease your car’s value. Prolonged neglect on “smaller” or “negligible” damage can also make it more difficult for the damage to be fixed.
Repairing Hail Damage Requires Specialty Technique
Sometimes, a hailstorm will come and go, and it isn’t too bad. It damaged your car a little, and you figure, “Hey, this isn’t the worst. Maybe if I do some research, get the proper materials, I can repair all the damage myself!”
That’s the thing, the damage may appear to be easy to fix, but the repair process can be more difficult than you think in reality.
It’s also easy to miss all the subtle dents and scratches which, as stated before, could develop over time into much larger issues that will blow up the hail damage auto repair cost in the long run.

(y) The 2022 HTC Rally is starting to pan out!!!! It looks like Hot Springs, Arkansas, June 13-17, 2022 is going to be the winner. Check out the rally thread "Hemis in Hot Springs" for details and to sign up.
The rally is open to all HTC members and their guests. It is a family friendly event. The rally itself is no charge but each family is responsible for their own expenses: travel, hotel, food, activities, etc.

🎂 Happy Birthday to our HTC members celebrating their birthdays this week April 10-16!!

🤝 Welcome to our newest HTC members:

If you have a prayer request please PM me or add it to this thread.

*Doc's mother - on-going health issues
*Rancher & Rancher's Lady (Doug and Mary) - health issues
*boedacres - Steve - health issues including diabetes
*SuperBee - John & his wife - health issues

Have a great week !!!!

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