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The family vacation or even just vacations by individuals and couples is a tradition in the United States that goes back to at least the early 19th century. Today, most of us consider it part of middle-class life, that is to go on vacation out of town and even abroad if one can afford it. The idea of a vacation and what it means has evolved as our tastes, and our finances, have changed.
What perhaps changed the perception of the vacation was the railroad. In the 1830s, the United States began to build railroads, initially just outside of cities such as New York and Boston, that people began to use on their days off from work to venture beyond confines of their towns. Perhaps among the earliest destinations were coastal beaches on the East Coast and soon in the South . Coney Island, just outside of New York, became among the first places that catered to masses of vacationing individuals and families. The railroad, powered by steam engines, helped vacationers usually go for only very short stays, perhaps no more than a few days, and sometimes even shorter.
Nevertheless, this became the first form of mass vacationing in the United States, although most Americans still did not go on vacations at this time and virtually no jobs offered paid time off.
By the mid-19th century, Americans began to see Florida, and then later California, as popular areas for longer vacations. Places such as Silver Springs in Florida offered vacation facilities, both natural and constructed, and became among the first resort-style places to attract mass tourism. In addition to beach holidays, boating and rowing were popular leisure activities in rivers and lakes around the country. For the elites, steamboats allowed them to more easily travel abroad. This began a period of travel to Europe and even more exotic locations, with travels once again influenced by the concept of the European Grand Tour, but this was rare and mostly and elite endeavor.
The railroad had spread in the United States, but the Civil War brought leisure activities to a standstill until after the war. By the late 19th century, attitudes to leisure and vacations began to expand to more types of workers, including the lower classes. In the 1890s, companies and local councils and governments began to pay or even subsidize leisure and vacation time for their employees. Vacation homes were built by these organizations to allow their employees to spend time away from work along with their families. These heavily subsidized vacations made vacationing affordable. In the 1890s, a teacher taking a vacation with the family could pay no more than $75, which would include room, board, leisure activities, and lectures. This also covered up to six weeks of summer vacation.
Effectively, this became the first form of employee vacation policy as leisure activities increasingly became part of the American lifestyle. Most companies and workplaces did not have such vacation policies but increasingly some companies and organizations realized the benefits of giving their employees time off for vacations because of the health benefits, where workers were often more productive and better rested, and thus less stressed, after vacations. Industrial strikes and increased wealth also incentivized companies to begin to give their workers time off for vacations. Some medical researchers already recognized the benefits of vacations and began to encourage their patients to take time off.

😎 It's HTC Rally time in Hot Springs, Arkansas, June 13-17, 2022 . Check out the rally thread "Hemis in Hot Springs" for details.
The rally is open to all HTC members and their guests. It is a family friendly event.
Most of us will be arriving Sunday after and are staying at the Baymont. Feel free to drop by say hi and help us figure our what we will be doing.
Join us for the week, a day, or a meal!! The Welcome Dinner is Monday, June 13th beginning at 5:00 at The Home Plate.

🎂Happy Birthday to our HTC members celebrating their birthdays this week June 12-18, 2022!

Welcome to our newest HTC member:
We didn't have any new members join this week.

If you have a prayer request please PM me or add it to this thread.

*Doc's mother - on-going health issues
*Rancher & Rancher's Lady (Doug and Mary) - health issues
*boedacres - Steve - health issues including diabetes
*SuperBee - John & his wife - health issues
*SuperBee - John with the loss of his mother last week
*Traveling mercies for those heading to the rally

Have a great week !!!!

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