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HP Tuners VCM Suite

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HP Tuners VCM Suite, is it any good, anyone here have any experience with this system and soft ware?
I have a chance to get it (owners of the company I work for are asking if they buy it for me will I use it) just wondering if it's worth it or should I try and get the diablo instead
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What is the idle rpm and vacuum with the hose connected and disconnected.
I'm out on the road, I will be back home on Saturday most likely. Been to Atlanta, Virginia, and now in Wilmington Ohio. Hopefully headed to KC next. I'll be doing a whole lot of diagnostics when i get home. Monday its supposed to start dropping into the 20's.
I can tell you that the idle with the hose disconnected was around 650, but i didn't look at the vacuum reading. with it connected, it surges so bad that i cant say it has an idle speed. Does the TB lose its memory when you write, or do i need to wipe that out separately? The website doesn't play well with my phone so its a while between opportunities for me to set up my laptop to check this.
The ram needs no throttle reset or anything. Flashing resets the fuel trims is all really and the keep alive memory.
On a side note, who makes a better wideband, AEM or Innovate?
You may be trying to idle your engine too low for the cam. Might try a target idle of 750 or 800 and see if that does better.
I pulled the TB off today and it was pretty clean so I put it back on. I set the closed loop threshold to max to keep it in open loop and it idled with a mild surge. When I had my son give it gas at idle, i saw the butterfly shut, and the truck died. How do I decipher the pedal numbers, and could that cause that issue?
The APP voltages are dual climbing or crossing inforget which I work on so many things every day. The voltages should start around .45 and 4.5 and rise and lower and cross or start at .45 and 1.3 and climb evenly together.

Your issue I fear is somewhere else. What are you dealing with for fuel trims?
Fuel is definitely rich, but I also switched the vacuum reading to inches instead of kpa, it makes more sense to me haha, and it is sitting around 10 inches at idle, i need to find the vacuum leak. I am going to spray around the manifold and connections tomorrow and see if i can find the reason for low vacuum. I know that will have a big effect on everything
if you have the hptuners program, i can send the log and tune, to look for all my screwups, im sure there are a bunch.'
Sadly I don’t have HP. The intakes are known to crack around the front center section also just chased one of them down at work with an issue like that. Low vacuum can also be a broken valve spring issue. I can tell you one broken exhaust valve and the truck will run like all hell
The apps voltage is like Keith stated with one raising and one lowering or crossing. 0-5v and 5-0v. Again vacuum depends on the cam you are using 10psi vacuum is what I also have at idle @ 800rpm. HP tuning forum has a lot of information on tuning problems.
The program is free, they just charge for the ability to write to the vehicle
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Im bouncing between world of warcraft and watching this lol
The biggest problem at the moment is, I gave this thing to my brother, and he lost interest after putting the engine back in and the manifolds etc. I dont know if he got the intake seals on correctly or anything of that nature. I guess i have to start from scratch, and work my way out. I cant imagine the 6.1 cam being all that big in regards to the vacuum at idle.
6.1 cam will run like a stock 5.7. Now the timing of the cam may be off a tooth and can make the truck run like crap also
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that said then, i researched a bunch on the 6.1 in a 5.7 idea, and always found that the factory ground the 6.1 cam retarded. I installed it 6 degrees advanced, to compensate for the 4 degrees retarded that seemed to be the consensus, plus a tad to bring the power band down a hair. Do i need to go back in and adjust the advance? The alternative to that would be to put the 273 i bought originally, and go from there.
I have enough older dodges, i almost think i should just pull the motor put the 273 and the eddy dual quad intake on it and stuff in my 68 power wagon or 72 crew cab lol
Im comparing what i have vs my original cal, plus one i got off the hptuners site, to see what i have and i almost think it had a canned tune of some sort before i got it.
Im comparing what i have vs my original cal, plus one i got off the hptuners site, to see what i have and i almost think it had a canned tune of some sort before i got it.
Have you tried flashing a stock calibration just to see how it runs? It very well could have had a canned tune installed.

When it comes to advancing the 6.1 cams, I have installed them anywhere from straight up to advanced 10°. I like them in the 4°-8° range in the trucks.
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