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Does anyone know off hand of the cost to swap a 2003 dodge ram 2500 truck with the 5.7 hemi over to a DT360 engine?
Stock trans and 4x4.
I want to keep the stock trans and t-case setup.
Stock axles and tires etc.

My goals are 425+HP and 600+ torque. Daily driver, hauling 10k loads at highway speeds weekly. Midwest so no mountains etc.

I know modifications to frame/front end length and driveshaft will be needed.

Adapter plate from dt360 to the 545rfe trans
Relocate oil filter

Does anyone know any other major issues with setup or other big items that will need to be changed?
Steering component issues/interference?
Front diff interference?

Any ideas of a company who can help with the pcm/programing and harness adoptions?

I would like the dash instrumentation to work correctly.
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