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I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to update all of you as to my solution for this problem, and what I discovered.

I solved this problem eventually, but it turns out I caused it. I was nosing around inside the fuse block and noticed I had a relay in a socket marked as a spare on the cover.

I pulled it thinking I didn't need it. Guess what...P0480 code. (No, I don't remember why I was nosing around in the first place, and I can't remember why I would have pulled it. Maybe to save weight and get an extra MPG out of the Hemi. I don't know...ever been drinking and forget?)

I didn't put 2 and 2 together for about 3 mos. I ordered a junkyard fuse block and drilled it open to have a look. The funny part when you have one apart and you are looking at all the plates inside (which by the way is the most masterful idea anyone in the history of anyone could have designed. This person should never have to buy their own beer again!), you can follow the pins between the plates. I noticed that there were actually pins that ran from the "SPARE" relay socket to other traces and plates in the fuse block.

I replaced the relay. P0480 code went away.

What this tells me is that the labeling is incorrect on the cover, and this also tells me that the documented schematic for this vehicle is also incorrect. I have never seen any amended documentation for the electrical system on this vehicle, but I can't be the only person on the planet that accidentally figured this out.

My guess is some tech at some dealership also had to have figured this out at some point, and perhaps there may be internal documentation from Dodge on this misprint and error, but nothing I've seen.

LESSON: Don't pull the spare relays out of the fuse block. You never know when the documentation is lying....


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WOW :oops:

Good update!

Here, ....hold my beer. Hahahhahaha
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