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Cometic Head Gaskets

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I was looking at cometic's head gaskets, specifically the .040/4.055 gasket.
Chrysler 6.1L Gen-3 Hemi .040
does anyone know if these gaskets are for both aluminum and iron blocks? it says on Arrington's site that they are 6.1L Cometic Head Gasket - shopHEMI.com but because of how the wording on the Cometic site seems to refer specifically to aluminum blocks, I'm trying to verify before I spend $200+ on a set.

Anybody know?
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You're fine with the C5525-040, Cometic list all of the 4.055 gaskets as being Alum block, is your block still 4.055 bore ?
Just my opinion here but I would think C5876-040 (4.10 bore) would be better ,My experience with those 4.055's they are truly 4.055-4.060
Mr Gasket has a 4.10 .040 gasket ,part#3277G
And Flat out has one, but you have to call them or order it through summit Part # FOG-938344100 , might be over kill , they'll hold 20lbs boost and clear 1400hp with out blowing out.
the block hasn't been bored it's still 4.055". I am likely going with a 4.100"/.060" gasket so I can back the compression off a tiny bit. the heads had .008" taken off several years ago, and I just had them resurfaced and another .002"- .003" was taken off. if the factory head gasket is .037" installed then I should gain about .012". The Flat Out gasket is definitely more than I would ever need on this motor, but I'm going to see what Mr. Gasket has to offer, I definitely appreciate the tip!
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are you still running those 6.1 CNC heads in your signature ? , I just picked up a set of the 5.7 version that Mopar sold out of the old catalog, had a set of those 6.1s they did well up against some of the "big" name porters at the time, they were roughly 320/[email protected] .600 on a 28in bench.

yes I'm still using those heads, they have served me well. I would like to do something about the port mismatch with the headers (Pacesetter 5.7) but I have always neglected to find a solution to it. I know car headers won't fit, but I have been wondering about headers for a newer model Ram, I think they're a D-port design like the 6.1?
The 09+ Ram headers will fit, need to bang a tube here and there.

looks like that will be my next purchase then. any idea if it's worth the money to get the Kooks instead of JBA? I want 1 7/8 or 2" primaries, but I don't want to spend double the money just for a couple hp.
which would you feel better about dinging up? is the Question.

what needs to be modified for them to fit, what all do they interfere with?
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