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Anyone install a kenne bell boost a pump?

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Haven’t seen one installed on a ram. I believe one positive goes towards fuel pumps relay. While the other goes toward pump. Then the obvious ground. Considering the fuel pump relay is in the TIPM, would anyone have a schematic or know the location of wiring to fuel pump relay? I have an 06’ ram 1500. Thanks in advance.
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I never messed with them seen to many fires unfortunately. I would just run a walbro 400 and be done with it. Drops in the tank with minor mods and factory wiring is fine ram for years on mine that way issue free.

also bring that it’s a 2006 I’m not seeing a fuel pump relay it just shows control out on orange/red wire. 2006 is an odd year that’s when they did a bunch of wiring changes. I would be worried about the tipm getting cooked also.
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