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545RFE Trans. Mods

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Hey Josh, are you running a stock torque converter. That could explain the hard down shifts. Or, do you have the Torque Management option tuned off? With my tune from Marty. My Torque management is turned off. Some times, it will get a harder than normal down shift when slowing down. I bet that is a much harder down shift in a stage III.

"The Sharadon stage III trans was set-up to run a 2800 to 3500 rpm stall TC. Denny said the trans works best with 3000 rpm stall TC on a 2WD." Note: The Sharadon stage III trans is set-up more for the track than the street.

The shudder, hesitate, and bump bump bump?
I would call and talk to Denny about those problems. He won't be in town until 9/14. I have to call him back on that date to find out what my options are for a 03 trans build.

Bill, are you having this same hard down shift at 30 mph? I'm guessing your Torque Management is turned off also?
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I am boosting the line pressure with HPTuners (50->70psi min and 125->150psi maximum), so I definitely dont need line pressure booster. ;) Trans temp is around 176-194F most of the time. It goes a little higher if driving in tow with low speed. With HPTunners I can also correct the engine fan RPM to be higher for lower trans temp. I also can make WOT downshifs much softer if needed - open TCC, and there's an option for line pressure of any every up and down shift (21 options total).

The vehicle is Grand Cherokee 5.7, and unfortunately is seems that there's not enough space for deeper pan. I am planning to at least try normal depth pan, but aluminum and with ribs. I am already having some trouble removing and putting back the original pan, so it is realy on the edge. :)

Further, I changed my plan for Overdrive - it will be upgraded with 68RFE's underdrive pack (Raybestos GPZ, 1.54mm thick frictions instead of 1.3mm) + additional 2.3mm double sided friction disk (Raybestos high energy) and one steel (Kolene if I find a way to order single disc). So it will be even larger and with thicker frictions than 68RFE's original.
I also ordered a Raybestos RTK6804 4C pack (GPZ material, Kolene steels)

Low/Reverse and Reverse clutches stays standart Raybestos High energy and Alto High Energy. I don't think I will ever have trouble with these.

I will see what I can do for a better torque converter, since the shipping prices to Europe are insane (this thing weights a ton)! At the moment I am with standart one (TC Remanufacturing) from RockAuto. Maybe I will stay with it until it is OK and then think of upgrade.

Grand cherokees, when not towing heavy loads frequently (zero towing in my case, unless I am helping someone to get out of the snow/mud), usually are trouble free for 200-300k km., so I hope my next rebuild won't be any time soon.
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