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Just had a local mechanic, rebuild my engine, unfortunately, he turned out to be a "flake", looks 6 months to get
my truck back.
Twice he said truck was ready to go, 1 st pick, truck didn't make 300 yards, he said had bad injectors. He didn't replace the injectors as part of the rebuild,
By this time I just want my truck back. And gave the go ahead to replaced the injectors. Went back 2 weeks later, to pick the truck up, mechanic said
he wouldn't be afraid to go to the East coast & Back, were in Utah. The truck made its 2 miles, 2 traffic lights, truck died as you slow down to idle. I circled back to his shop.
He jumped in with his scope tool plugged in. It stoped twice on our test drive. " fuel pump code ?'', left the truck at his shop again. I started
looking on inter-webb, I was pretty sure the problem could be the TIPN fuel relay problem, shared my research, with him and found kit online, Mechanic said he
figured out the problem. I went back with trailer, & picked the truck up, I lived an hour away from his shop. didn't want to get stranded on the road.
At home I figured out my truck had a separate relay center, for the fuel pump, not TIPN he had put a jumper wire under the relay. I tested the circuit, the coil side
& contact side, worked as should. I put a new relay in anyway.
I have been a various test drives in my small town, some days truck runs just fine, somedays 3-4 times in a row the truck dies at Idle as you slow down
for a stop, you can fluff the throttle, and keep the truck running, I can let the truck idle for 15-20 mins and go on a test drive, no problems.

Info on the old engine: It had 2 bad lifters, & damaged cam, the famous "Hemi tick", 175,000 miles medium power, engine was wore out.

New engine: Needed bored to 40 over the get the cylinder walls, cleaned up, new steel crank shaft, rods, & pistons, new cam that was for better low end
torque, updated lifters, & push rods, timing gears & chain (this is fingers cross best guess, My mechanic proved to be dishonest person)

Me reaching out to you is needing, to program to engine to adjust for the new cam, at idle the truck lopes a little, buts idles at 600 to 700 rpm.
the problem is coming to a stop, pulling the rpms under 500, the truck dies.
Thanks in advance, for taking the time to read this, and any help to resolve would be greatly appreciated.
My round trip to work & back is 80 miles, I haven't dared make the trip yet.
Boyd N

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This Trucks don't like aftermarket cams without a tune, I had a Comp 260 on mine and it was doing the same thing, check your fuel trims at idle you will see the ECU is compensating (adding) close to 20% (if i remember correctly) on fuel at idle.
It gets better as the adaptive ECU learns the fuel trims and gets used to it but every time you reset it the learning process starts again.

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So you have an aftermarket camshaft in your new engine? If so it most deff needs tuning especially for idle and fueling. If it’s a stock camshaft then it should not need anything more. Send the truck to Florida I will fix it.
Sounds like aftermarket cam, crank, rods and pistons. No way this is running with out custom tuning.
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