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need helping make some power! what can i add and brands? what are yall running for headers ?cams? throttle body? fuel systems?

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need helping make some power! what can i add and brands? what are yall running for headers ?cams? throttle body? fuel systems?
Just had this conversation the other day with a New to them 04 Ram owner.
1) what's the goal ?
1a) what is the level of Commitment, can you see yourself beating on this truck 5 years from now? reality is once you go down this path the deeper you go there could and will be down time, either waiting on a tune, a part or the dam thing broke.... the 03-08 trucks are more of a labor of love then any of the other Dodge Trucks.
2) the 545 is good to about 500/550 horse, Tow/Haul is your friend, No in Drive Kick down Banzai runs.
3) Weight is your mortal foe, your not going to put a CC 4x4 in to the low12/11s as easy as some one with an ECO boost Fud, a RCSB full body weight high 12s are not that far away...11s with a SBE is not impossible, but it's not cheap and rarely archived.
4) if you can see a lot of Booooooooooooooooost in your future, STOP here and buy a 2012-2014 Ram , it's easier in both short and long-term expenses and headaches.....especially if you find an original 8sp truck.

lets start with some prep work.
this is as good as it gets 1st step, no matter what your end goal is.
late 2004-2008/9 custom efi AN setup Keith did a great job on instructions and leg work.
2) Read and re read this Thread
Chris's 2003 6.4 Hemi Stroker Build
another is Redtruck's never ending tale....
There are a few more that have great insight and the pit falls that you can will come across.
I'm not going to get in to Transmissions and the options in this post.

Now, Cams
Comp Cams has put a TON of research in to their G3 Hemi cams, their goal was not only to help the street guys but the street/strip and strip/street guys ...Howards cams are good all round street/strip cams and Crower worked hard on daily driver cams to street/strip guys and the 4x4 boys(girls) Hughes Engines their cams also have a lot of thought and development behind them......MMX is up there when it comes to custom grinds but keep in mind Comp does their cams.
Heads intake , check the post I made to your Eagle heads thread, one thing I forgot to mention in that post is Headers for the Eagle head , there are no off the shelf headers for 09+ heads in the 02-08 trucks.
If someone is dead set on Keeping the older heads PIE is the place to go https://www.performanceinjectionequipment.com/ you WILL NOT find a better flowing 03-08 head,
Headers , they all are about the same till you get in to hand built ones, remember shorties are good for mid range and are a step up on Stock Irons....Long tubes are better yet, and 09 ram Headers will fit in the 02-05s , 06-08 they need some help...next option is to take the 02-08 headers and have someone weld the 09+ flanges on to the 02-08 headers...not hard just a PIA.

Now what I told Jason on Monday (new to him 04 owner) his truck is ST mostly stock , has a set of pacesetter headers , Gibson exhaust system. 3.92 gears and OEM tru track.
The Comp cams 260h doesn't need a tune to run, but it will hunt for Idle once in a while, and you are leaving about 10/15 HP on the table with out a tune. fact is any aftermarket cam with Duration less then 210/212 @ 50 will run in these 03-08 hemi's 03 at the higher elevations .it's bit trickier. with out a tune,,,,the 260H it's about 10-20hp over stock, with out a tune and 30-40 with , a good set of heads helps but not as much as you would think at this early level
, keep in mind stock heads flow about 280-290 CFM @600 lift you only need 222CFM to make 550HP at 6500 RPMs from 345 CI,
Comp Cams 268H, will start and run with out a tune....but Forget idling, it needs help, with a good tuner it'll make some good power, anywhere from 40-65 over stock. food for thought the the 268h has just .006 more lift then the 260 but where it gains is in the [email protected] .50, it's 8 degrees more while both cams have the same CL, the 268H shines when you get up in to the 5500+RPMs below 5000 it's about the same HP/TQ #s as the 260H. slight gains but the 268H really benefits when teamed up with ported heads and any intake other then the stock truck intake.
Notable mentions , Hughes Ser 0812MHLN-14 it's close to the 260H, Lift is higher 540/545 vs 522/525, CL is 114 and it also will run with out a stock tune......but it's lift is high enough that you will have to change the stock style valve seals. that's it's disadvantage over the 260H, but it's advantage is with a good tune it'll get you 268h HP with a stock sounding idle.

So tell us what you want and we'll get you there
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