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Just food for thought… I’m running an 05 Ram 4.7 PCM, using a Mopar Performance Drive by Cable Throttle Body. This comes with a factory Intake Air Control Valve, Throttle Position Sensor. It’s been many years since I did my swap, but the 04-05 Dakota share the same NGC PCM as the 05 4.7 Rams. In all actually 95% of the 4.7 and 5.7 PCM’s are identical pin for pin.
The 04 and Up Dakota have the 4 plug PCM/TCM combination. I will note DiabloSport didn’t support 04 4.7 Ram PCM for some reason. Maybe the 16 vs 32 tooth wheel, I’m not sure.
I remember reading about your a few years back, it was the deciding factor in the 1st one my youngest son did, he did an 04 for himself , then talked his older brother in to helping do one for his buddy.
I was wondering how yours was running, I always assumed your TB was the OEM style DBW and not the "4bbl" version ?
Personally I think if anyone wants to do the 4.7 to 5.7 swap in the 04/5 they are better off with the DBW set up, less hassle.

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My truck ran great for awhile, but unfortunately burrs left on the piston ring caused vertical scoring in the piston walls, preventing those rings from moving. Eventually 3 pistons ended up have all of the ring gaps inline with each other causing 9 lbs of crankcase pressure and pushing oil out of every orifice it good, including blowing the deep stick out of the seated position.
Keith “Charged392” helped me re-ring the entire motor, and it’s still sitting on the engine stand where it’s been for many years. The plan was to do a hydro boost brake conversion, which would allow me to true the engine up in the engine bay, so I could fit long tube headers.
Unfortunately I seem to never have time and or money, at the same time, so the truck is still sitting. My new goal is to put a stick 5.7 block with a small cam, and have that be my sons truck for high school. I plan to put the 392 into a LX car with a Nag1 tranny, where parts can be easily obtained without needing custom built everything.

In regards to the throttle body, I bought a 80mm Mopar Performance Throttle, made for swapping a hemi into a classic, but I can’t seem to locate the exact one. It looks identical to the BBK one listed in the below link. Within the description on the website, it lists the Dodge Part Number for the IAC and TPS. This is basically identical to what I have.

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