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Just fired the hemi up after sitting a few weeks to drive around and getting ready to do a possible swap "upgrade current hemi or dt360 swap". And now it has a problem so I'd like to diagnose it now before I choose to upgrade the hemi with an issue.

NO PROBLEMS BEFORE THIS, unmolested 5.7 hemi no mods nothing, 108,000 miles.

After driving for less than 5min stopped at a light it died when I hit the gas, started back up and lit up the dummy light. Died while driving after a mile again, turned back to go home, died twice more with restart within 1/2 mile. Died again within feet of my driveway...this time no restart until it sat for ten minutes and returned to disconnect the battery and reboot it up again, fired right up and put it into my driveway. I checked and cleared the codes, drove it the next day, SAME ISSUES, died 3 times within a mile, returned home checked dummy light codes and same codes came up. Seems to idle fine cold or warmed up, revs fine while cold, seems to die while warmed up and accelerator is pushed more than a 1/4 of the way down. It shuts off immediately no surging, just poof engine off.

The 2 codes being thrown are for the cam sensor and crank sensor not being in time.

Don't think it's anything head related and hoping it's not timing chain issue "jumping time"

Of course I can pull the sensors and check or just replace both cuz they are cheap, but anyone know an East way to check the timing without all the hassle of pulling the whole front off?
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