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Hey folks,
Been MIA on here for quite a while, I wanted to keep a running thread of the project I've bitten off too much to chew on but life gets in the way. Hope everyone is healthy and not out of work, been a crazy year for sure.

My ol Ram has 220k kms on it, always well maintained but never babied. Procharger and ATS 545rfe with Co-Pilot and Edge 2800 converter went in a couple years ago.
Had some issues, pretty sure the lifters were starting to go. If I was of a more sound mind I likely would have put a cam and lifters in it but hey, why not build an engine I could just swap in. Quick and easy right?

Canada sucks for finding a used core at a reasonable price. Guys wanted $2000 for most of them. Found one for $2800 with 60k on it that already had a Comp 266, springs, Arrington pushrods and Hellcat lifters. Guy I bought it from is a great dude and threw in a set of JBA ceramic coated shorties with it. These prices probably seem high, remember the Canadian peso isn't that strong- the parts I got made the engine basically free.

Well you get looking, thinking and dreaming when you're stuck somewhere hot, sandy and Middle Eastern so I decided I better go all forged. If you're going to do that, might as well make it a stroker. I stripped er down to the block and sent it to my mom's cousin who has a engine machine shop. He punched it out .030" over and did a bunch of head work. I (stupidly in retrospect) decided on a Scat kit, around 9.5:1 CR:
  • 4340-forged steel crankshaft for 5.7Hemi, 4.050” stroke, reluctor wheel not included (use OEM or Mopar Performance reluctor; pilot bushing I.D. 1.090”)
  • 4340-forged steel I-beam connecting rods, 6.125” center-to-center length, with 7/16” ARP 2000 capscrews
  • Wiseco forged piston, 2618-alloy, 3.927” bore, -22cc dish, ArmorGlide skirt coating. Include GFX rings, locks and pins
  • ACL Race main bearings
  • Clevite HN-series rod bearings
  • Clevite Thrust Washer set
  • Internally Balanced
The kit took a half a year to show up....I know, I know- the 'rona but come on guys. My machinist was getting in Eagle, Callies and Manley kits in the matter of weeks. I went down to the shop (8 hour drive) to do the rings and put the rotating assy together. Rings gapped, then we realized the stock reluctor I had was 3 bolt and the crank was 4. I won't get into it but dealing with Scat was a nightmare, they were going to send a ring, then they called me saying out of stock and couldn't tell me where to get one. HUGE shout out to Chris Carlson at CNC Motorsports for helping me out and clearing up confusion on tooth width, he took my phone call and explained that Callies designed them to work with all 09+ ECU. Said that Scat has caused them lots of heartache by not including them in their kits.

Was waiting for my machinist to come up and help me after I got my reluctor nightmare solved but with coivd and scheduling it didn't happen. I bought my own stretch gauge to torque the rods. I'm an ex aircraft mechanic so figured I should be able to assemble it myself.

Parts (almost all from Rock Auto):
-ARP main studs, header, flywheel
-Melling high pressure oil pump
-Mahle head gaskets (because they are over bored)
-Gates water pump (there's another story I'll explain later)
-Most miscellaneous gaskets and such are Fel-Pro
-All new sensors and pulleys
-Mild port on the heads, skim cut, new valve guides, shimmed
-Sent the TC back to get cut, cleaned and checked. Andre is an awesome, honest guy. Was having issues with shudder, ATS blamed the TC, fingers crossed it is solved.

You have to stop somewhere- this build was way out of hand so I skimped and used OEM spec Fel-Pro head bolts (vs $400 ARP), the Mahle head gaskets (vs $300 Cometic), stock damper (vs $600+ Super Damper). Check out the pics of what I had to do to put a key in the damper. Hope those sacrifices don't bite me but they will have to do for now.

Need to bug Keith and get a basic tune just to get it on the road, get a few miles on it to break it in, then down to the dyno shop in Ottawa. Hoping with the smaller pulley I can get 12 lbs of boost (will probably be more like 11 lbs). That's with the smallest pulley ATI makes.

I'd love to see 670 Freedom Eagles on the dyno and know I basically made a reckneck Hellram. That is probably optimistic without the Super Damper to spin that poor P1SC up near as high as she goes.

Enough yapping, I will try and figure out how to add pics
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