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05 Mods & Maintenance

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It was time to change out the air filter that was on the 05 when I bought it. Never really liked this type of air filter system.
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:eek: :eek: :eek: Dam! Never have seen a TB this dirty.... Surprised it runs as good as it does.
All better now. This engine needs an oil catch can.
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You'll like the SONNAX :dance:.

You'll like the SONNAX :dance:. :thumb:
I have one on my 03 Sharadon stage III trans too. The 05 is shifting a little firmer now. :thumb:
What is it
It fools the line pressure sensor in the trans to raise the trans oil pressure up a little more than what it normally runs. Puts more oil pressure on the trans clutches for firmer shift and less slippage making them last a little longer. :thumb::thumb:
Hey Keith, what would be the best way to get a good workable boosted base tune for the 5.7 in the 05? Could the STS tune work in the 05?

The reason why I ask this question. Been doing allot of reading up on tuning a supercharged/turbocharged 392/410/418/426 stroker engines. Even on 05 pcms, it has proven a challenge with a boosted stroker engines. Not many of them have gone well. Only the one's with the tuning easily available to them or they have lots of money.... But yet, the ones with a boosted 5.7/348 engines have been much more successful at a good tune. And lets face it, my 392 has been a pain in the a$$ to say the least.

It made me a little too psycho...... :censored: :angry: :deadhorsebeat::cagefight:
:icon_peace::icon_peace::icon_peace: :icon_peace::icon_peace::icon_peace::icon_peace:

Don't want to go through that tuning nightmare or act like that again.........
I have base maps for 426 turbo 345 turbo and 392 turbo lol. Only thing I need is the injector size you would be using then tweek the fuel trims a tad for the cam that would be used and your good. A ton easier than a 2003 truck!

What was the injector size on the turbo 392 and at what fuel pressure?
Have SRT4 stage 1, stage 2/3([email protected]), and DeatschWerks ([email protected]/[email protected]) injectors. Would like to try the stage 2/3 injectors([email protected]).

Do have to get a hand held tuner for the 05. Any idea's?
The 392 is my engine. Would just need an injector size you wanted and scale it in them load. The predator you have will work or get a new tuner or used predator.
Hey Keith, what would be the best way to get a good workable boosted base tune for the 5.7 in the 05? Could the STS tune work in the 05?

Gotta catch myself again..... :facepalm:

Not going to go with the 392. Had way too much bad luck there. Going to go where I've had the best of luck with. The 348/5.7 engines. And their a little cheaper to build.
I have base maps for 345 turbo.

Was that your first tune with the supercharger and stock engine?
Are you looking for a handheld for it? I found a used Diablo I-1000 in tune. He's asking 300...
Looking to buy a tuner new. You just don't know what your going to get when you buy used.
Meh, I've had 5 used tuners on this truck lol, all with no problems. Just needs to be unlocked.

Maybe I should get this pcm flashed....
So wait you're not going to put the 392 in the 05 now?
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