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  1. General Repair Forum
    Have a 2007 1500 4.7 jumped in truck drove fine. Got back in a few hours later check gauges came on, voltage was low. Died shortly after, all lights came on radio turned off etc. Assumed it was alternator. Changed alternator and put new battery in. Just cranks now with no start. Did the key...
  2. General Repair Forum
    So, I have a 2005 1500 5.7 which has lately decided to start stalling at stop signs and red lights. I've been researching this problem pretty extensively, and have heard it could be anything from the throttle body to the transmission. The problem I've been encountering is that when I push...
  3. 4th Generation Ram | 2009 - Present
    I want to lift my truck about 6 inches but don't want to blow about 4gs on a nice lift so I was just wondering if someone will tell me if rough country is good enough or not worth the money.
1-3 of 3 Results