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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi, Whats good around here? Any racers out there from Southeast NC? Just got my 2nd Dodge.. 1500 5.7. ,06 model (1st year of the MDS) They are great trucks! First one was an 04 and always ran great. Owned since new and drove it for 10 yrs. I'd love to hear about any tips and tricks on...
  2. Exhaust | Mufflers. Tips and Headers
    Hey everyone, good news, my extended warranty on my 2015 ram just replaced my 6.4 due to a lifter failure. Thing is, it has a major ticking noise. Brought it back to dealer (their work has a 3yr warranty) and I explained my concerns about it being an exhaust leak. After it being there for a...
  3. Off Topic Area
    My 2004 Ram 1500 5.7 with 245k miles started making a ticking sound earlier this week. It might have been doing it earlier but it was noticeable over my exhaust which isn't exactly quiet. This morning it cut off while I was driving. Now ots smoking from the oil gill cap and making an ugly...
  4. Wanted to buy
    Wanted: 5.7L Crank, one piston +rod or 6.1 crank (told it will work also?) Trying to budget fix a vehicle (charity job, I'm retired,lol) for a lady who needs transportation for work. Car is nice (08 Aspen) and she owes $$$ on it. It started small but quickly mushroomed with spun rod bearing...
  5. Rallies, Gatherings and Events
    Does anyone have a Hemi Valve spring compressor that I could buy or borrow? I'm in Seattle
  6. General Repair Forum
    can drive this truck for an hour sometimes with no problems and other times it will shut off 10 times in that same hour. The guages will all go to 0 and back up over and over while driving, mostly shuts off while pulling out of a stop sign seems like trans slipping then shuts off. When it shuts...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Greetings from NE FL!:greetings10: I have an '03 1500 QC 4wd with 545rfe and I'm about to embark on the '05 ECU swap endeavor. I found an ECU and harnesses (under dash, firewall to headlights, trans) from an '05 1500 QC 4wd with 545rfe and I'm wondering how many of the harnesses are the same...
  8. For sale
    used set of longtube headers, they had a couple of leaks at the collector that ive fixed. they were on a truck for quote a while. I know theyre pretty pricy new. i'd like to get maybe 250 for these shipped. located in north texas. I can post pictures here in a bit. 4692078884 is my cell if...
  9. Rallies, Gatherings and Events
    It seems like all the rallies are down south, what about us up north (Minnesota) that can't take time off to travel hundreds of miles to a rally? Has there ever been one up this way?
  10. For sale
    Have a lightly used set of Spyder Halo Projector headlamps. They have HIDs with them. I'm located in north Texas. I'd rather not shop them but will if costs are covered.
  11. 3rd Generation Ram | 2003 - 2008
    Sup New here just wanted to get some more info about Hemi Truck Club How to become a member Any meets that I need to attend Any mods that I may need or decals I need to be a part of the club All info is greatly appreciated Thanks Trent HemisphericallyChallanged
  12. Engine | Modifications, Repairs and Performance
    My truck was running fine before I installed the headers. I had an exhaust leak and 2 broken bolts on the right rear most cylinder. So I installed some Pacesetter LT's. Ceramic Coated, MOPAR Head Gaskets with a light coat of copper gasket sealer, vibe-lock bolts all torqued to spec and then...
  13. Engine | Modifications, Repairs and Performance
    Hi everyone, my name is Len and I had a couple of questions. I have a 2007 dodge ram 1500 Quad Cab 5.7 hemi that got totaled and I have a 2005 dodge ram 1500 Quad Cab 4.7 truck that has 251,000 miles. I was wondering if I could take the 2007 5.7 hemi motor and put it into the 2005 4.7 both...
  14. Cam

    Wanted to buy
    New to the forums. Any cams, longtubes, TC for sale?:ermm:
  15. General Repair Forum
    Morning, I am new to the forum. I recently acquired a 2005 dodge ram 1500 4X4 5.7l HEMI for a damn good price. 177,000 miles. The catch is that the motor is blown. The guy was driving home one day and his oil pressure dropped and it started "clanking". This is the only info I have. He said it...
  16. For sale
    I bought them then realized they won't fit. They are BBK 40090 silver ceramic short tube headers with gasket.Brand new asking 300.00 obo. Will fit any 5.7l 1/2 ton
  17. Exhaust | Mufflers. Tips and Headers
    Hey everybody, I'm new to Hemi Truck Club! I was wandering if anyone has got the mufflex muffler delete? I'm curios to what my hemi would sound like and also the pros and cons of deleting my muffler but keeping the cats and resonators.
  18. Interior and Exterior Detailing
    Just about finished with the hood stripe on the Magnum. Check it out! Still have a few minor details before I clear it and pinstripe it but it coming along beautifully....
  19. Engine | Modifications, Repairs and Performance
    Hello friends I need some help. I need to contact Patriot Performance to find out which springs they used in my heads, but I have been unable to find their website. They have to still be operating because many places still sell their heads. If someone can assist me, please do so at...
1-19 of 19 Results