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  1. Exhaust | Mufflers. Tips and Headers
    Hey everyone, good news, my extended warranty on my 2015 ram just replaced my 6.4 due to a lifter failure. Thing is, it has a major ticking noise. Brought it back to dealer (their work has a 3yr warranty) and I explained my concerns about it being an exhaust leak. After it being there for a...
  2. Drivetrain, Differential and Transmission
    Hey guys. I just replaced the Cam, lifters, water pump, fuel pump, head gaskets, etc. and I have the strangest issue. the truck fires and runs a little rough without the exhaust connected. When I attach the exhaust, the engine sounds like likes it’s running on 4 cylinders and stalls after a few...
  3. Exhaust | Mufflers. Tips and Headers
    I'm thinking of getting a Magniflow exhaust #15333, but I've seen two different pictures of the same system. Is the piece after the muffler a resonator? And wouldn't that suppress the sound? Any thoughts....
  4. Exhaust | Mufflers. Tips and Headers
    Hey everybody, I'm new to Hemi Truck Club! I was wandering if anyone has got the mufflex muffler delete? I'm curios to what my hemi would sound like and also the pros and cons of deleting my muffler but keeping the cats and resonators.
1-4 of 4 Results