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Yellow and burnt gold 2-tone (looks just like "th
My father bought this good old truck in 1987, three years before I was born. When he bought it, the odometer had been turned over once (odo is a 5-digit odo) between gettin firewood, the ranch and being a daily driver, he turned it over three more times before he gave it to me in 2006 as my 16th birthday present. As we lost the ranch the Ol' Dog got parked in 2008, not set for storage or anyhting like that, just parked, no fluids drained, no sta-bil, nothing. In 2011, when I graduated college, i needed at truck (had to self my wheels to get home) I Did no more than put 15 gallons of fresh gas in her, a new battery and a new fuel pump (elec because thats what she had) and she fired up first try. From that moment on I will ALWAYS be a dodge/mopar guy. Shortly there after, I turned the odo over again. Yes thats right folks, The Ol' Dog just turned 500,000 miles. She may not have a hemi engine, but shes the reason I'll own nothing but a RAM TRUCK.
1985 Dodge W-250 (Yellow and burnt gold 2-tone (looks just like "th)


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