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IH6B44 Blue
In 2008 I started rebuilding this truck at work to be a company delivery truck, in July 2008 my dad was rushed to the hospital with a severe headache that caused him to black out while on the way to the hospital. Dad was then life flighted to another hospital because he had a spontaneous brain bleed, along with laying in the hospital he contracted some of the other hospital diseases that were going around. They Clinical declared him dead twice and wanted to pull the plug but thanks to the grace of God he is still here today. But while he laid in the hospital I spent many late nights working on this truck to make a company truck and to keep myself busy to help keep the edge off. Being as this truck was originally rolled over with only 11,000 mile on it and the many problems and difficulties with it as far as things from the wreck, many people told me i would never be able to fix it and make it road legal. It was about mid august and dad still in the hospital and me putting the work into building the truck, my grandfather came to me with a bargain, if I could fix the truck and make it road legal, then it was mine free and clear. In October, dad was released from the hospital and did 1 years worth of intense rehab in 3 months time, finally when he was fully back into the swing of work in the summer of 09 and back to doing his notary work, I got him to help me get the paperwork around and get the enhanced inspection and the truck currently has 21,000 miles on it and is still my baby with a diesel swap coming soon
1985 Dodge W-250 (IH6B44 Blue)



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