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RAM 1500
My third one in just 3 years. First one was a 2012 SXT with some upgrades; dealership model, I got in 2013 and loved the 5.7 HEMI engine right from the first step on the pedal. I had it just 6 weeks until I got t-boned and the truck became a total write-off because we flipped two times.
I am convinced, my truck saved my life and my health. I could climb out of it all by myself and only sustained a couple of bruises.
That made the decision for a new truck very easy. It had to be RAM 1500 with 5.7 HEMI engine.
Re-financing after the accident pretty much cut down my choices and since I wouldn't wanna miss the 5.7, the model around it was pretty basic.
Well, last christmas came early and by late November I got the keys to this beauty.
Never before did I get so many compliments about a vehicle :)
The first and immediate upgrade were Weathertech floor liners, just in time before winter set in.
Next were door sill guards with RAM logo, installed at the dealership during 5000km service earlier this year.
Actually, sidesteps were supposed to be one of the very first upgrades, but try to find accessories for a 2016 model in the first months of the same year anywhere... Some sites still don't list 2016 RAM.
By early April I finally could get going and ordered pedal covers, side steps and cold air intake system from Mopar. I had studied the instructions already and was pretty confident I can manage all installs.
Once the parts arrived I planned the installs from easy to challenging...or so I thought. Boy, was I wrong.
The pedal covers were up first.
It's quite a challenge to get the rubber rim of the cover entirely over the pedal. And though the gas pedal is just click-on, the clips are tough as nails. Pressing by hand is not an option. A furniture clamp did the trick.
Next up the steps.
Starting by instruction it quickly turned out neither the instruction nor the mounting hardware fits my truck. After grinding the hardware to fit and ignoring the instructions the steps were on and are working just fine.
Finally the jewel. The cold air intake.
That install was actually a breeze, though the clamp for the air filter slipped off twice while tightening.
It works great and the sound is awesome.
I actually don't really know, why I didn't get the air duct at the same time...
Well, that is next, probably together with the damper for the tailgate.
I'm still unsure about a bull bar, but then there is some front protection...
But I am sure what happens latest, once these tires are worn down. My sight is set on Wrangler Duratracs. At least in pictures they look pretty good and seem to be a fairly good deal. Goodyear gives a mileage of 80k on them. Some reviews state more than 120k already...

So, now that we have history and future taken care off, leaves the present.
And that means, since it is the weekend, it's time to get My Beauty cleaned up again :)

THANK YOU for reading
2016 Dodge RAM 1500 (Black)



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