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Ram 1500 Quad Cab
Patriot Blue
My dad got the truck on payments in 2015 for ~$400 a month. The total loan was around 16k after the warranties and interest.

He died in May of 2017 and had payment protection on it, so it was paid off and given to the 'next of kin' which was my mother, who was still legally married to him.

Long story short, she gave it to me no muss, no fuss. I've had it ever since and have been slowly trying to work on it and mod it and fix it.

It has had a dent in the front left fender for a year and a half that I just replaced, and now I notice the edge of the door is slightly bent. The bed has 2 dents, some bedliner I wish I didn't put on over the bed rails, and a tailgate that's riddled with 5 or 6 small dips/dents.

And just a month or so ago, my blend box gave up. Gotta fix that next, then tint/taillights, then more mods. I want it to be a fast daily/weekend warrior/once a month or so+special events drag/show truck.

Planning on all the common go-fast mods like gears, stall, cams, heads, headers, exhaust, full bolt ons, and, of course a custom tune. Likely NOS, too, and POSSIBLY[but not so likely] a stroker build, which would then include a trans swap.
2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab (Patriot Blue)


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