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Here is the plan Utah....

If you Mormon guys put all your wives to work you could be knee deep in HEMI trucks.Those of you who have more than five wives have got a huge advantage.Hell...each wife contributing 30 bucks a week would easily cover the costs.Just throwing a few ideas your way.I too have multiple women from time to time, so we are kind of like brothers...except you probably don't get all liquored up and miss work when you get together.Spread the word brothers.....HEMI-lujah!!!!

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Here is the plan Utah....

I'd never make a good Mormon - One wife (at times) is more than I can deal with!
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I lived in Utah for 20 years before moving to Wyoming a few years ago (no, I am not Mormon). There is a major difference between mainstream Mormons and polygamists, so I am going to fine tune your plan a bit.

Mainstream Mormon women are into making babies and doing crafts. They only have one husband as polygamy is frowned on by the LDS church and the U.S. government. As such, they are home most of the time. The best idea would be to set up an Ebay account and sell handmade crafts online.

Polygamist women are also into making babies, but they occupy a home with other wives so a lot of their time is spent plotting against their husbands. You don't stand much of a chance of generating any income from that activity unfortunately. The ideal situation here is to do a reality TV show. The money will pour in and you are then in a position to buy as many trucks as your garage can hold.
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5 wives---man you are either realllllly tough or realllllly dumb----LOL----child support x5---I wonder who will be driving your trucks then?????
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