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bed liner

I am looking to do a bed liner kit. Any ideas on witch on is the best one to use that will actually last? Do it your self or have it sprayed in. most for the buck!

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bed liner

there are a few question you need to ask yourself. Do you have the tools? ( spray gun compressor ect) what do you use your truck for? An occational trip to the dump or moving a chair, or to you toss rock in the back and scoop it out with a shovel? Next do you have a cover to keep it out of the sun? Do you know how to apply paint without it chipping or flaking? Do you know how to do the prep needed? If you can prep and paint it yourself and it's for really light duty use do it yourself and save the money. But if it will see heavy use or your are not sure of your abilitys then pay and have it done right. Only you can decide what is best. Good luck and I wait to answer your next question.
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bed liner

Hopefully he will follow through with a response this time.
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bed liner

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bed liner

There's several different types of spray on bedliners.

LineX, Rhino Liner, Reflex are the most popular out here in Calif.

One thing I noticed about both Rhino and LineX, after a bit of time they have a tendency to start to fade some, the surface becomes sort of smooth - depending on what you carry and how much and how often.

I've had Reflex in my bed almost since I bought my truck in 05 and it's pretty much kept it's color, it's really durable. It's more of a rubber than what ever those others are made of and has a life time warrenty and free repairs.

I'll give you the link to all 3 websites so you can take a look.

One MAJOR word of caution though, I would be EXTREMELY leery of color matching! There was a Girl Inspector I knew that had her bed sprayed with LineX to match her paint, within 6 months it faded to a dull Olive Drab Green and they absolutely refused to do anything to help her - that would go for ANY of the liners that require spray or roll on.

IF by chance you go for a self applied roll on/paint on/ or spray on.. you need to be careful - I suggest you talk to Hemi4ever in the California section, he did his on his own.
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