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Wiring for power door locks

Hey all,
Anyone know what color wires I should tap into on a 2008 Ram 1500 QC for the power door locks? I bought a power tailgate lock I want to install and it mentions various color combos for the wires but I want to make sure I'm tapping the right ones!

Also, I want to connect a couple of LED light bars that I'm placing in the bed - any hints on what wires I should tap into for that?

Thanks in advance!

-Scott P.

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Wiring for power door locks

as far as the bed lights you can wire them 2 ways,
1) hot to battery with a switch
2) hot to key with switch...tap into wire on cig plug thats is hot when key is on. With my 04 its the lower plug.
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Wiring for power door locks

I used the power lock from POP & LOCK and their directions were wrong. WIRING: Remove the driver’s side kick panel and locate the wiring harness leading to the driver’s side door. Locate the tan/
pink striped and the Tan/2 Orange stripes wires located along the firewall and the parking brake. Attach the two blue wire
taps to them and squeeze them shut with a pair of pliers.
NOTE: ‘04 Models - wires are tan/light green striped and light green located in the drivers step plate and kick panel.
‘05 Models & Up - wires are tan/2 green stripes and solid green or light green, or tan/pink stripe and tan/2 orange

On my 07 the wires are located on the drivers door access panel.I have found that on my 07 that the wires you want to connect are: Tan with Orange line goes to the green wire on the actuator harness. Connect the light green wire to the gray wire on the actuator harness.

Hopefully it is the same for 08 as 07.
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