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Side body molding

Has anyone else had problems with the molding fading? Mine is starting to look like s**t. They are fading and really starting to look bad. I have thought about removing them but I'm afraid what it will look like underneath. Truck is 3 yrs old, do you think it will be noticeable if I take them off? I have waxed them before and didn't seem to do any good, any suggestions? Thanks.

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Side body molding

well, before you remove them, you can try to buff them out with compound, just tape up what you don't want hit with the buffer. I have done it with success.
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Side body molding

mine were fading at the edges and looked like junk too. i took them off and you'd never know they were there, looks a lot better without them too. my truck is also an 05.
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Side body molding

take em off.. if there is any shadowing, use a little bit of buffing compound then wax em'
You'll love the "new" look of your Ram.
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Side body molding

Would a hair dryer work? I dont have a heat gun. Then what should I use for any residue left on the paint?

I might be able to borrow a heat gun but I dont want to get it too hot and cause more damage.
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Side body molding

I had the black molding on my truck...then decided to take them off and put the chrome on.
Big difference!

When I did have the black body molding, it was starting to fade on me as well. To solve that problem I just used armor all / vinyl protectant to make it black and shiny again.
The protectant helps protect the sun from fading it, just like it helps protect your dashboard.
I used it on the handles, mirrors, tailgate handle, back bumper, front....etc.... the sun def does damage to the black pieces.

To take the black ones off:

I let my truck bake in the hot sun for a couple of hours ( you can use a hair dryer as well as you start peeling to melt the glue), then slowly peeled them off, as I started peeling I used a thick piece of fishing line to help me peel the rest off making sure to get right under the glue, moving the fishing line in a sawing motion back and forth through the thick glue.

Of course my hands turned out looking like hell but it did the job.
Hardly had any glue left behind.
To get rid of the extra glue that was left behind, I used bar/tar remover and alot of arm power to get rid of that glue.

Doing it on a hot sunny day in the sun def helps!
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Side body molding

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