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Overhead console drivers light?

found out my light is broke on the overhead cunsole. its seams to just be the little button that gets pushed in when u push the lense. does anyone know if you can buy just the button or have to buy some kind of assembly? as of right now it works when i open the door but dosent do anything when i push it but sometimes it does. could it possibly be fixible? lemme know thanks

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Overhead console drivers light?

Probably repairable but with out knowing which part is broken it's hard to say.
Give Art at Henson Motors (Parts) a call at 1-800-530-5337 and see what parts are available.
He may have an idea of whats breakable. What year truck is it? I assume it's out of warranty.
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Overhead console drivers light?

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Overhead console drivers light?

My button broke called the dealer they said i had to buy the whole assembly less the display for 190.00 .. can you say ripoff got the whole thing plus a spare display off ebay for 30 dollars
it still had the sticky plastic protective cover that you remove on the display lens.. was brand new i get a lot of stuff like that off ebay
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Overhead console drivers light?

Buy it used here. http://car-part.com/ Make sure you verify it's the right console if you call on one.
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