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Gauge Lights

Does anyone here know if the lights behind our gauges (speedo, tach, etc.) can be replaced with LEDs, or are they Mopar only parts as are the one's for AC panel?

I saw a post somewhere on here about the lights behind AC controls could only be replaced with Mopar bulbs and just wondered if it was different for the gauge lights.

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Gauge Lights

good question. i would like to know also. also does anyone have the link on how to change out all the bulbs?
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Gauge Lights

If you have your owner's manual (if not you can download one from dodge's website) it shows how to change out all of the exterior bulbs.

For interior bulbs, VAHemi17 has a recent post in 'Other interior talk' called "Added some LEDs'." There has been discussion in there about removing plastic lenses (dome & maps)in order to replace the bulbs.

Other than that, I have no idea where to start with replacing gauge bulbs or any other bulb behind the dash. I'm just trying to, 1st, find out if those gauge bulbs can be replaced with LEDs before I attempt taking anything apart!
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Gauge Lights

To replace any buld behind the inst cluster you have to pull the cluster out, the bulbs used are very similar to the ones used on the ac and htr control unit. I believe that if you take your time with a soldering iron you could change these bulbs out to led with little issue, the led HAS to be one with a built in resistor!!! If not the led will FAIL!!!!! All in all the Led you put in would have to be a Super Bright Led!! Ill see if I have any bulbs around to try this with! I know you can also if you want accent go to the front side of the guage cluster with led facing back at it under each side of the steering colum! Looks pretty cool.
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