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Well I was at a tractor pull last weekend. my uncle drove his 04 2500 quad cab hemi to the pull. when he heard there was a street stock pull at the end, he jumped at the chance. he turned the superchip all the way up, took the air cleaner out,
put a clevis on and it was ready. It was street stock class no weights could be added. first truck was 04 chevy he went 201 ft ran out of sup. next came the hemi. 4 low and 1st gear hammer down. the 285 bf TA's bit really well. he had the rpms and speed. Took it out to 289ft. the rest of the trucks were dogs. hemi was on top until a mid seventies GMG camper special four door long box with 454 pulled. He had the truck set up to pull. and took it out and bet the hemi by 10 ft. we were happy to get second place. If we do a few thing i think we can bet the that old gmc next time. It was way cool to see a hemi flyen down the track. I ill try to get a picture on here.

2004 2500 4dr long box

only mod is superchip
but planning on many more.
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2005 Ram 5.7 HEMI QC 4X4 - bone stock work truck... SOLD
2009 Ram 5.7 HEMI QC 4X4 Laramie - bone stock for now

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'05 RCSB 1500 SLT 5.7 Hemi Ram - Airaid Long Snorkel UBI CAI - Taylor shorty wires - MSD Coil Packs Magnaflow y-pipe - Flowmaster 50HD - Superchips 3865 - Motive 4.56 gears - Detroit Truetrac - PML differential cover some good Karma 8.87 ET
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I have watched a few truck pulls like that, I wondered what gear they were using. 4x4 low and 1st seemed logical, but a few guys were talking that you may be better in 4x4 hi, to get the sled speed up. Never floored it in 4x4 low 1st to see how fast redline is. Makes me wonder...Not sure I would ever try a pull, I would hate to get towed home with a driveshaft sticking out of the empty bed...
2004 HEMI QC 2500 "MOOSE" 4X4 SB 3.73 Gears Aka "the Tank" Stock so far...except Tonneau cover, running boards, Torq-Lift camper frame mounted tie downs.

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2003, Std. SWB, SLT, 20", 4:56 gear, AFE CAI, Superchip, 6.1 cam, 6.1 heads, Manley springs, retainers, pushrods, Edelbrock Hedders, 195 T-Stat, 8.2 Taylor, AEM, Power Wire, ARC-1,Amsoil Everything, and more. Veni Vidi Vici Titan Killer Club

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2004 2500 4X4 with 4.56's
6" lift PP Long Arms/PP Coils/Bilstein 5160's/4" deaver leafs/Thuren Shackles
37" Cooper STT's Hella 500's behind grill
n-fabs with Line-X
Wheel Liners
20% tinted windows/ion Alloys 174 series(17x9)
True-Flow CAI/Bushwacker Pocket Style flares/Aeroforce Interceptor gauge/steering upgrade(T style)/Carli track bar/Dynatrac free spin hubs/Carli ball joints/spicer u joints

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i have gone to many trucks pulls around here. they always have a stock street class first in all the local town homecomings around here. i have wanted to pull my 2500 but i dont want to tear it up. That is why i bought my 1977 4x4 power wagon with a 400 big block . going to be getting a 440 for it soon though... they still had those as an option in 77 so im good lol.
2004 3/4 ton 4x4. cherry bomb 9 inch muffler with magnaflow 3.5 inch tips. iron bull defender 4 front bumper SOLID STEEL. master craft C/T 285/75/17 tires.
"When in doubt give it more right foot."
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