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Engine Life

Curious as to how many miles owners are getting out of these engines. Particularly the MDS 5.7, I am looking to see what owners are experiencing with higher mileage issues if any. Are there any trends or just isolated issues due to owner neglect or just bad parts, or just anything anyone wants to add. I've owned my 2014 5.7 since day 1 and disabled the MDS at 30,000 miles. Im also VERY curious to see what owners with high mileage say 200,000 are experiencing with how strong the motor still is at that point with regular maintenance schedule followed.


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I also am curious as to see if High Quality synthetic oil has made a big difference or just normal run of the mill good oil does the job the same. Please no oil name brand debate. Or synthetic vs conventional debate. Just want owners personal experience.
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There are a number of the Non-MDS 5.7's out there that have 250K+ Miles using high quality full synthetic lubricants...I would say these engines probably haven't had the $h!+ run out of them and have been properly maintained throughout their current lifetime. The 545 tranny is by far the weak link in the whole scenario IMO...

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My 2007 has been very good, engine wise, I have over 77K miles on it now. I turned off the MDS at 73K miles. I purchased my truck in 2013, with less than 58K miles on it. I have run it on AMSOIL Synthetic 5w20 engine oil, changing it every 5K miles.
The only real problem has been the tranny (545RFE), it crapped out, loosing 4th gear, and the overdrive clutches, at just under 73K miles. I had the trans. fluid cooler replaced with the 2500 model, the filters replaced, and a Dorman 4x4 fluid pan, for extra trans fluid capacity, installed. This was done about 2K miles prior to the trans. failure. I use only Mopar tranny fluid.

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I have a few contractors that come into the company I run , with over 200K on their 5.7s mostly pre 08s. Have a newbe guy with a 2010, 3500 5.7 STD Cab Dually it's mid 250s now, Had a roller lifter issue at 75k.
The later 5.7s 2010-2014 seam to have lifter issue, where the roller stops and wipes the cam.
Cam tensioners seam to be a fatigue issue in engines that see extreme heat/cold cycles or long idle periods(police cars) same with rocker tips on prolong engine idling. Valve seats failure seamed to be connected to poor coolant systems...and some where just bad batch of machined heads
The one thing I've noticed in every high mile(250+K) I've pulled apart , is the crosshatch pattern is almost always still visible.
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