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The only spanish phrase I know----el torro pu pu!

Just cause it's loud don't make it fast & just cause it's shiney don't mean it's protected.
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This really sounds like a corrupted cookie problem. Try deleting the HTC cookies on your computer.

Once your PMs are read, they should not show as 'new' unless you have a cookie problem.

You might also clear your cache.

Originally Posted by Pull Ya View Post
Today my Notification tab is on. I clicked on it and was directed to the last 6 or 7 PM's I have sent and received, going back as far as 2011. I don't need to review them again. Is this going to happen until I delete all the past PM's I have sent and received. I also still have to sign in each time as the program will not reconize the "remember me" after I sign in. As I have said I am a member on many other fourms and this is the ONLY ONE that this problem is occuring. I have not changed any of my computer settings so I'm thinking maybe it's your problem and not mine---there was no problem before we(you)changed programs. Don't mean to be short about this but it's kinda a pain in the *** to sign in everytime.
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I have to sign in and enter my password every time also, but we've already established I'm computer illiterate.

My next issue is: I received a friend request from someone. I don't know how to accept it. I thought I just had to push the save button but that's not working.
Not everyone can be queen.....there has to be someone standing on the curb to wave as I go by.

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Phew. Its not just me afterall.
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Me too, plus I just crashed my laptop. Apparently the hard drive has gone bad. I lose a laptop pretty much every year just before going back stateside. My guess is the heat and humidity gets to them here. &^%$#@
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