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new Chapter ?

Well, My fellow Hemi owners,
I'm not fairing too well with these truck owners around here. I have passed out about 20 flyers to contact
me if they had an interest and haven't received a single email back. And I have met with five of these guys face to face who all agreed a local Chapter sounded like a good thing...????

I'm not quitting,.. but I have to admit it's got me
scratching my head. I've reread the ltr and I even checked to make sure I used the right email address.. go figure ! I even have my cell # on the letter.

But I am if nothing else, committed to making something happen and will continue to knock on doors,
put invitations under wiper blades and talk to people. I'll
get back to you all with my progress. Stay safe.

"God bless the USA and our Troops !" Sarge

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IMHO---- I hate to be a "downer" but if you think it's hard getting people to commit to joining a group, wait until you try to get them interested in some type of a get together. It is not only this forum, it seems to be almost every Ram site I belong to. Lots of people talk about doing this and that, lets all get together yaddy yaddy yaddy---then when the time comes--nothing. Many people have other things to do or other places to be. People have family obligations, they sometimes work on the weekend or they have "honey do" list they have to deal with. It's really tough getting people together and I admire your attempts and hope you are successful--if you are maybe we can learn from your experiences. Maybe there should be two classifications of membership---active members and computer members. At least we all have one thing in common---we love our RAM'S!!!!!
Just cause it's loud don't make it fast & just cause it's shiney don't mean it's protected.
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Club Membership

I know where your coming from. I have belonged to several Car and Bike groups over the years and have had that very same problem. My Harley Owner's Group Gatherings and Rides were not too bad, but the Motorheads Car Club was difficult getting all the guys heading in the same direction. Maybe the larger the vehicle, the harder it is to gather? I for one enjoy a get together with like minded people for a Saturday morning coffee, or an evening meal with our significant others. Even a picnic gathering on a cool summer's day to take photos? But your right,.. people have other personal obligations. All I can do is keep trying, passed out three more on the way home today, three guys sitting in their trucks face to face. Time will tell. Stay safe down there in Texas,.. spent time at
Ft Hood in the mid 70's. Hotter than hell fishing in cow house creek ! But you had some great Honky Tonks and Country bands... (Is Bob Wills still the king down there ?) lol...

You take it easy..

"God bless the USA and our troops!"

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