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Board of Directors "Phil"
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Welcome Back tui

silver 04 SLT QC 4x2/HEMI/ 20"chrome wheels/A.R.E. LSII Tonneau/HEMI logoed bedliner/
tow/haul button/full power Leather seats/ HEMI embroidered headrests/Billet style "HEMI" door inserts and door pillar inserts/black DEE ZEE Nerf bars/ custom graphic stripes by westside vinyl & graphics/Tinted windows/billet(brushed)fuel door(locking)/HEMI with rams head embroidered floor mats/H.T.C. Trible window Logo's/Husky Liners Mudflaps/Sonar gen 3 taillights/Super chip programer
Shaved Tailgate handle w/Sir Michaels handle relocator.
True Duals w/Flow master 50 series (Delta Flows) and IMCO performance exhaust X pipe and LXP stainless tips.Mopar rear wheel well liners.
Billet "BIG MOUTH GRILLE" by Precision grilles,T-REX Billet bumper insert.,HAMBEK SIXPACK HOOD W/RamAIRBOX
Future mods: ??
view my website at http://philbonc.50megs.com/photo6.html
more pics from HEMI in the hills taken by KenandJenn 2005

2011 SRT8 Challenger 392 HEMI Inaugural edition #0925 of 1100 made for USA

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Welcome back.
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light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for all your kind words. I lost 30 kilo's in weight and at 1.9 metres tall I look a little skinny. I refuse to buy new clothes so my wardrobe is a bit large on me but I solved the problem of my pants falling down by attaching braces to pants with cable ties.

The trike is a dream. its a 2013 model 1690cc. Like the Dodge, Harley's aint cheap with the trike costing $50.000 NZ money. Didnt get a good deal on the trade in but its done and dusted and happy to back in the saddle so to speak.

I have to have regular 3 month checkups for the first couple of years to make sure nothing comes back unanounced. We are fortunate here with our medical costs met by the government and i wouldnt have got any better treatment if i had gone private. Though i would not recomend the treatment i recieved as a recreational pursuit. It was torture. Still,here i am.

The truck is going well and is comming up to 58000 miles on the clock so its only run in they tell me. We have put new tyres on it. Cooper Zeons 20/245/60 and are wearing well. Theres no road noise which is a blessing as the tread is rather large and nobbly. Our roads here are mostly tar seal and quite soft so the tyres dont get a hard time like if the roads were concrete. My mechanic has checked the plugs on the Bee and he said they were fine and just regaped them. Which is a blessing because the same plugs here are 30 bucks each.

I should mention i owe much to my wife who put up with some childish behaviour from me while i was sick, but then she said its no different from when I'm well. Personally I would not have put it quite like that, but then.......
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Welcome back, Tui! Glad you are feeling better.
New Blue: 2005 1500 4X4 SLT Standard Cab Longbox 5.7 Hemi

MSD 8.5 Super Conductor wires, Airaid CAI, Superchips 3865,
Homebrew E-fan, Custom 2.5" Dual Exhaust with merge Y & 22"
Magnaflow SIDO, Sonnax pressure booster, Stant 190 stat, Fastman TB
Old Blue: 1988 W100 4X4 Standard Cab Longbox 318 188,000 miles
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Tui, the prices for things in NZ continue to amaze me. $30 a spark plug is crazy and if I remember right your tires were also a princely sum. Keep it up and enjoy.
2003 RCSB, 2wd, "Pro-Street"
6.4L/cog driven V7-Ysi/46rh trans/HTH Truckarm coilover suspension. HP Tuning...

1956 Jeep Willys Pickup Hemi powered "Street Rod project"

1# 2017 HTC FASTEST HEMI List....
Current 1/4 mile [email protected] (2018)
Current 60' PB 1.351 (2019) mechanical issue for 1/4m


Support vehicle- 2007 QC G56 4x4 diesel
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Retired BOD - Doug
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Man it's good to see you back. I looked for days trying to find your address. I was going to send you a letter and check up on you. Sorry you've been having issues...it happens to a lot of us when the odometer gets to the high side. Take care and keep us posted.

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Thankyou all. Having cancer is not an issue until it knocks on your own door. But i have a future they tell me which is good cause i want to put a hundred thou on the speedo of the truck. Which i might add has company now with a guy 30 miles away having bought a 07 long bed diesel with dual wheels.
Howdy Rancher, i hope life is treating you well in Texas.
Red, I paid $2200 for my tyres and they gave me a deal. Again i say a 2013 crewcab Ram is worth $115000 with right hand conversion. A diesel 4x4 $130000. While our dollar is high against the greenback as at the moment, things are cheap, but when it drops everything gets real expensive. At the moment I'm squandering the childrens inheritence having fun.
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