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When I spray it is like the nitrous soleniod closes after a few seconds, what do you guys think bad relay,bad wiring, or dying soleniod, the fuel soleniod stays open, both solenoids are run of the same relay, should I change this

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check your wiring first....the nitrous solenoid can pull up to 30-40amps compared to 5-10amps for the fuel.

Also make sure you are using at least 12g wire to power and ground the solenoids. this is both from the battery to the relay and the relay to the solenoids.

Also make sure you have a very good ground connection for the solenoids
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I think I am going to gut my wiring,it started off as a simple system then added fuel pressure switches, and rpm window switches electronic TPS and I only used one relay to wire my two solenoids, going to revamp it and see if it helps, I will also switch my purge soleniod and main as they are the same, seems like a good time to clean up the mess of wires im hiding under the hood!
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You should use dual relays for your solenoids.

You can trigger from a single source ie: TPS, the relay will only draw .25 amp on the trigger side.

Sounds like the coil is collapsing on your N2O solenoid. Time to pull it off the vehicle and bench test it or send it back to the manufacturer for testing. You won't fix it at home if that is the problem.

Let us know how you make out.
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