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I'm thinking of installing a nitrous system (nitrous outlet's plate system) and I was reading installation instructions for the P gauge/controller and the FJO widebands and I'm a little confused.

Up to 8 FJO's can be connected together using the digital data bus and there are 2 terminators for the data bus, one at the beginning and one at the end. When you connect the P gauge to the data bus (I'm assuming it goes in at the beginning) does the "beginning" terminator now connect to the P gauge or does it stay with the first wideband unit?

When programming the P gauge, you select digital and then how many widebands it needs to look for (say you choose 2 FJO's one for each exhaust manifold). Is the gauge/controller monitoring both or is it using FJO's leanest channel mode and using the leanest channel for the Rich/Lean cut out? If it uses the leanest channel method should one be concerned that there could be a significant difference between both sides and thus not really be able to cut out nitrous due to a too rich condition?

I really like this P gauge/controller setup and will be giving both companies a call next week to ask but I thought someone here might have used one of these already and could share their experience. If not I'll let you know what I find out. Also, in reading the posts here it seems that using superchip's 87 level with 91+ gas is the common method (along with colder plugs re-gapped). Should running the economy level of the edge programmer be somewhat the same as sc's 87 level? I'll be calling edge next week to confirm the economy level timing but wanted to know anyone's thoughts.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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