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Jet sizing (Reference Chart)

Maybe someone will make this a sticky for future reference.

Jim C.

NX Ls1 jetting list from NX website RWHP RATED....EFI system, part number 20920

Single jet
50HP 35N 18F
75HP 41N 22F
100HP 52N 28F
150HP 62N 33F

NOS jetting 5177 kit DRY FLYWHEEL RATED 900-1000psi rated
Dual jets
75HP 28N
85HP 30N
100HP 32N

NOS jetting 5168 kit wet for RWHP RATED 900-1000psi rated
single jet plate system
75HP 41N 28F
100HP 51N 31F
125HP 55N 35F
150HP 63N 38F

This is another NOS chart
HP-- Single N2O--Dual N2O--Single Fuel
25 .024
30 .026
35 .028 .020
50 .037 .024 .020
75 .042 .028 .022
100 .047 .032 .025
125 .055 .038 .029
150 .063 .044 .034
175 .070 .052 .038
200 .082 .047 .044
250 .093 .055 .050

DynoTune Dry Kit HP numbers based on 950 PSI

Single Dry Jetting DynoTune Kit
50 BHP=.032
75 BHP=.042
100 BHP=.048

Dual Dry Shot Jetting
50 RWHP=.026
75 RWHP=.032
100 RWHP=.036

here is a rough quick conversion for single to dual and dual to single jets
as per Robert56

" here's the math for turning single size jets into dual jets (it's not half size) single jet x .71 = dual jet size.
Example of your first single jet,
.062 x .71 = dual .043's, which is 147.5crank hp, or 125.375rwhp, as per NOS's way.

Also, the Colonels table is NOS fwhp at 950psi and the 100 crank is actually dual .033 and nos used to send a .032 and a .034, that's what I got on my first 5177 and the math backs it up.

Here is the math for converting dual jets into single jets:
(.71 x size of one jet) x 2 = single jet size"

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Jet sizing (Reference Chart)

Been meaning to post that as it was very helpful when tuning my LS1 N20 system.

Jim C.
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